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Our boat

We believe that a comfortable, spacious and safe boat is the best and only way to experience the Komodo National Park.

That is why we commissioned a custom made wooden dive boat, which is one of the biggest, fastest, and most comfortable day boats in the park.

Built from the keel up using artisan methods by local boat builders in flores, the 'birostris' (named after the oceanic manta ray) is a 19.8m long, 3.8m wide iron wood keeled dive boat and just like her name sake, is perfectly at home in the waters of the Komodo national park.

Designed to handle swells and waves as well as taking space, comfort and safety in mind, the 'birostris' sports a spacious eating and relaxing area in the bow where a breakfast of omelets, fruit, pancakes and home made bread is served on the way to the sites, a captains cabin, marine toilet, large dive deck in the stern and a comfortable sun deck above to relax and sun bathe between dives or spot playful dolphins from while cruising to the next world class dive site.

For safety she has been fully equipped with Marine Radio, Garmin GPS and Sonar, Oxygen and full medical kits, life jackets and rings, a large dive ladder for easy exit from the water and is powered by a powerful 6 cylinder Mitsubishi engine taking her all around the park in extreme comfort, speed and safety.

She is a brilliant flag ship dive boat for Scuba Junkie Komodo and her size, design and finishing's make her one of the nicest, safest and most comfortable day boats to dive from in the park.

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